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Hong Kong Returned to China

In 1898 Britain agreed to lease Hong Kong from China for 99 years. Under the British, the island grew into a wealthy city that was much different from China. Despite the differences, the end of the lease resulted in a peaceful transfer.

1964-07-02Black History

Civil Rights Act Signed

In a decade of protests since Brown v Board of Education, the civil rights movement celebrated a hallmark moment when legislation was officially signed into law on this day by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
1863-07-03Wars & Battles

The Battle of Gettysburg Ended

General Robert E. Lee took the fight into Union Territory with a three-day-long battle. It came to and with a North victory and over 50,000 casualties. President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address would later be written and become one of the most famous speeches of all time.
1776-07-04American History

Congress Adopts the Declaration of Independence

After a series of conflicts escalated to war between the colonies and the British crown, the Continental Congress drafted a declaration of independence. It was officially adopted on this day, and the fourth of July is annually celebrated as a national independence holiday in the United States.

First Mammal Cloned

The first successfully cloned mammal was born on this day in Scotland. The news of Dolly the sheep was announced months later and was met with much controversy.

First Major League Baseball All-Star Game

After the Roaring '20s, baseball attendance plummeted during the Great Depression. A "Game of the Century" was planned to put the sport back into the spotlight. Today, it has become a fan-favorite annual event.
1930-07-07American History

Contruction of Hoover Dam Starts

The largest dam and one of the biggest man-made structures of the time began construction on this day. It is named for President Herbert Hoover due to his role in getting the project into motion.

Vasco da Gama Sails for India

Sailing for Spain in 1492, Columbus set the course for Asia by heading west and stumbled upon America. Spain's rival Portugal funded Vasco da Gama's trip around the southern tip of Africa to head east to India. This connection new connection between the two continents would help elevate the wealth and power of Europe.

First Female U.S. Army Officer

In a public ceremony in Washington, D.C., General Dwight D. Eisenhower appointed Florence Blanchfield to be a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army.